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So what does a writer read?

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

When I'm not sitting at my computer hunting and pecking away at the keyboard on a current project, I enjoy reading just as much as the next guy or gal. But I have a rather diverse, some might call it eclectic, range of genres.

I'm a big fan of American history, especially of the revolutionary war era characters. Fast forward and you'll find me trying to keep up to date with international affairs, but not just from a US perspective. I want to know what's going on and why, based on the viewpoints of the local participants long before the US is drawn into their economic problems or world politics.

I still subscribe to some international crime and economic data reports, and I get some of my background data from the CIA Facebook (yes, its a public document). Maybe its just a matter of me not being able to let go of my security related past entirely. And maybe its a matter of me enjoying a good discussion from an informed position with those willing to do so without an agenda.

I'm a naturally curious guy and love having the world body of knowledge at my fingertips (and no, I don't mean Facebook.) So, I can sometimes be found in a restaurant, at my office desk, in front of the TV even, looking something up. I enjoy reading multiple sources about an obscure topic and making a note about it for some future reference.

And I truly enjoy a good murder mystery. I often wonder if I'm gonna figure it out before the author tells me what really happened.

Read on my friends.

TRADE, EXCHANGE and DONATE your good books.

And give the gift of reading - especially to a child.

Someone once said, "A Child who reads becomes an adult who thinks." Something tells me we are going to need plenty of those.

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