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For over thirty five years I've been a security executive for several of the largest corporations in the world. Throughout those decades, I've traveled extensively, investigating and “fixing” all kinds of corporate mayhem, much like Michael Christian has.

For my novels I draw on those experiences, and from over ten years as a decorated officer on the Detroit Police Department, serving in their Tactical Mobile Unit and in the secret and elite Wayne County Organized Crime Task Force, where I led complex international theft and fencing cases.

My passion has always been mentoring, teaching and supporting professional security practices in my field. Now I turn those experiences from education to entertainment.

I have have been awarded the Lifetime Designation of Certified Protection Professional by ASIS International, the premier professional security organization in the world, who has also designated me a Life Member, both achievements that make me very proud.

I'm retired now and living in Michigan with my wife of over thirty-five years.

Learn more about ASIS International and the CPP Certification by clicking on the links below.

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