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Do not try this at home. Do not try this at work. Use a seatbelt while in a moving vehicle. Do not text and drive. Do not play with guns (loaded or unloaded), nor aim or shoot them at people. Do not jump from moving vehicles nor crash them into buildings, other vehicles or people.

The information, stories, recollections, inferences, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, insinuations, representations, views, musings, ramblings and other writings on these website pages and in my other published works are FICTION, unless specifically otherwise stated. Readers are to draw no conclusions to the contrary, nor act on them.

Although the stories, poems, novels, novellas and blogs may have their basis in the fact that I was a law enforcement officer, security director and investigator, the stories, characters, plots, scenes, events, dialogue, themes, action and outcomes are pure fiction or a conglomeration of people, places and events, rather than actual people or events.

All names, except those of known public figures are fictional, or are conglomerations of names of people who did not perform in the function for which they are attributed. If you think many given or surnames may sound like those of professional athletes, you would be right. I assembled them to sound like actual names, because they are popular and easier to remember. If I use a real name of a real person in a real context, it is with the permission of that person.

Characters described in my writings are composites of people and personalities, accumulated and experienced over decades from multiple backgrounds, or completely made up. If you think you recognize a character in my writings because he or she seems familiar, you are wrong. The characters don’t exist. They are FICTIONAL.

For my certain GS15 friends, no classified information has ever been used or revealed in the writings, if I ever even knew of any. For my readers who think otherwise, you are wrong - Google it, like I did.

The scenes, stories, events, places, characters and underlying background of these events are FICTIONAL, except for geography, which is mostly accurate as to the time and place of the FICTIONAL events, as I recall and researched it. Most locations are geographically accurate, but some are purely FICTIONAL.

Do not work in high places without a safety harness. Do not attempt to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Obey the instructions of your flight attendant. Do not attempt to jump from a garage roof into a swimming pool if the distance is farther than you can jump on the ground. Wear protective clothing. Caution, contents may be very hot!

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

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