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Check or Cheque?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

SAMPLE (Of course)

So I am in conversation with my cover designer in the UK and we are already looking out at the cover for my third book A BLANK CHECK. He reminds me in a perfectly proper British way, I am sure you realize that outside of the US, "check" is spelled "cheque".

Well that is certainly the case in Great Britain. But the spelling of the word (meaning a financial instrument for transferring funds) only became cheque in the UK as recently as the 19th century. Hmmm - wonder what they were up to. Moreover, the spelling as check is becoming more colloquially used around the world, while the use as cheque is remaining static.

But his question legitimately remains, since my third book will be set in London, England (for the most part) what should the title look like? Check or Cheque?

Check back later to find out.

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