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Book signing tour?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Well of course I'll sign your book ...

But not likely over tea and donuts at a book store.

E-Book readership is alive and well. Thank goodness. An e-Book is pretty easy to get into the hands of today's hip readers. And companies like Amazon and Apple make it easy for the masses world-wide to find a title or genre for just about any reader.

Independent authors and publishers, like myself, can easily get a paperback or hardbound book from an online order into your hands as well via Amazon or Apple. But the days of an Indie author getting a signing "gig" at a mainstream book house are just about over.

So, if you want a signed copy of A DAY LATE or my upcoming title A DOLLAR SHORT, drop me a line at my email address I'll work out the details to get a signed copy in your hands or sent along as a gift to a friend.

And NO. This isn't me signing!

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