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Pavel Oveshkin, who are you?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019


It sucks to be you, Pavel Oveshkin. My apologies for revealing your KGB file. (Signed: Michael Christian)

In A DOLLAR SHORT Christian re-engages with Pavel Oveshkin, his nemesis from A DAY LATE. Oveshkin got clean away from Christian's net in Germany. Now he shows up in Moscow as Christian tries to deal with Mafia kidnappers and suspected missing nuclear devices. And who is his main suspect? Oveshkin, who has vowed to kill Christian (again).

Christian's Russian contact, Vladimir Takhoyev, has his hands on some files that lead him to worry that perhaps Takhoyev is not merely a "former" KGB agent. His suspicions only worsen when Takhoyev shows Christian Pavel Oveshkin's KGB intelligence file. And here, for the first time, is Oveshkin's secret file cover-jacket.

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