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Does it ever end?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Before the first e-Book of A DAY LATE was released, I already had 60,000 words of A DOLLAR SHORT blazing their way onto the digital page. It was a story that begged to get out and now we are at 80,000 words. As of this moment book three, A BLANK CHECK, is demanding to be heard as well while it organizes itself in my head. The basis for every story is pretty easy for me to outline, because each is drawn from some experience (or combination) that I lived through.

So, if post-cold war German smuggling tripped your trigger in A DAY LATE, you just might like riding along with Michael Christian through the streets of Moscow as he goes head to head with the Russian Mafia and the KGB in A DOLLAR SHORT.

And if your style is more along the lines of Mid-east terrorism, you might get a kick out of book three, A Blank Check. In that story Hezbollah arms dealers, operating out of London, try to finance their battles with money stolen from Christian's corporate accounts! His job is to figurer out how and to put a stop to it.

A DOLLAR SHORT - due out first quarter 2019

A BLANK CHECK - on time for Christmas 2019

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